Spey Flies

Much of my inspiration for the Spey flies comes from Bob Veverka’s book Spey Flies and How to Tie Them.  I highly recommend it for any beginning tyer of the Spey patterns. The word “Spey” for my purposes on this page is sort of general. Most of these patterns were named for the river Spey in Scotland. The Spey type flies I can make available may include Dee patterns, Steelhead patterns from the Pacific Northwest, etc. This page will be a work in progress as new photos of my flies continue to be uploaded. About thirty years ago I discovered some of the Spey flies in Pryce-Tannatt’s book. At first, I thought them to be sort of drab and uninteresting. I was, at the time, steeped in the vibrant colors and complexity of classic Salmon flies. I later developed a love for the spey flies for their elegance, long flowing hackles and beautiful sleek profile.


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