Hairwing Salmon Flies

My list of available hair wing Salmon flies consists of flies that are tried and true patterns from the Canadian Maritimes. However, the choices are not limited to that list. Many favorite patterns have evolved from Ireland, Scotland, Britain, Iceland and other areas. This page will continue to be a work in progress as I include new photos of my flies. Patterns are also not limited to a single dressing. For example, I like a feather wing dressing in patterns like the Blue Charm and the Crosfield. Though the hair wings are more durable as fishing flies, there is no reason why the simple strip feather wing flies cannot have a long life if care is taken to properly dry them after use. For more on the history of these strip wings, refer to T.E. Pryce-Tannatt’s How to Dress Salmon Flies. This book also includes the dressings and a color plate of the old Irish fly patterns of which I’m quite fond.


All hairwing salmon flies are $5.00 (includes shipping and handling).


Please add $.50 to the price of each salmon fly for a double hook. See our contact page for orders and inquiries.


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